Each Embodied Neurobiology course offers the opportunity for participants to develop integrative projects which are relevant to their particular professional interests.

Recent examples include:

Using Attunement and Dance to Move through Parenting Impasses and Power Struggles”

This clinician is a single parent of two girl ages 10 and 6. She was interested in applying the concepts we were investigating in class at home, and then expanding her knowledge of interventions in her clinical practice. She is planning to write about her experience for a local parenting magazine.

“Movement Analysis in School Social Support Services”                                                    

This counselor works in the school system and was able to use her increased understanding of movement and nonverbal behavior to engage the principal at her elementary school to increase resources and support for students with learning and behavior challenges to engage in movement and creative arts therapy within the school day. Students are gaining skills in emotional regulation and resilience in transitions throughout the day. 

“The Impact of Bipolar Shape Flow on Positioning and Quality of Life in Older Adults Residing in Long Term Care Facilities.”

This occupational therapist used the Kestenberg Movement Profile that she learned in the Elements of Movement Course to understand how to engage her clients more effectively in the movement process. She used attunement and eye contact and noticed the impact on their bipolar shape flow and engagement. She may develop her project to teach about the importance of relational interaction in motivating older adults to move.

“Using Dance/Movement Therapy to Support an Expanded Kinesphere in Elders Living with Alzheimers.”

This social worker will be using her outline as a basis for developing an inservice training for the staff at a day treatment program for where she works with elders with Alzheimers through movement.

“Attunement and Clashing: Movement interactions in Three Nursing Dyads”              

This video project with footage of three mothers nursing their babies included movement observations of each pair looking at attunement and clashing patterns and how they impacted the baby’s attentional states. This project, developed by a clinician who is a parent-infant specialist, is the seed of material that will be used to educate parents and parent-infant educators.