Program Description

Embodied Neurobiology offers advanced training in the body’s complex relationship with the mind and it’s role in healing trauma.

We teach the art of engaging the creative potential of both client and clinician in the embodied therapeutic process.

This three year program provides ongoing sequential training with the support of an ongoing cohort. Many of the courses are also available for individual enrollment. 

  • Dive into comprehensive theory integrating recent developments in interpersonal and socially conscious neurobiology.
  • Learn interventions and approaches that are multiculturally aware and trauma informed.
  • Explore immersive learning through creative and contemplative approaches taught by deeply experienced leaders in the field of dance/movement therapy.
  • Apply the knowledge gained through your own unique professional lens.

Our courses are offered to therapists, educators, artists, allied professionals and experienced dance movement therapists.

The program includes all courses required for alternate route certification in dance/movement therapy through the American Dance Therapy Association. Classes are held in studios in Austin, Texas.

Learn more about alternate route dance/movement therapy training and certification.