Methods and Approaches in Dance/Movement Therapy

IMG_0269This foundational course explores the power and impact of  dance/movement therapy approaches, introducing developmental work in dyads, expressive and communicative group movement, and authentic movement.

Participants learn foundational concepts of embodied interventions such as  nonverbal communication, mirroring, attunement, and how these engage emotional expression and impact emotional regulation.

Throughout the course, we consider how dance therapy approaches impact and support neurological functioning.

Students attain skills in using movement and expressive arts which are applicable to a wide range of client populations – children and adults with developmental, attachment,  trauma, medical, and emotional regulation concerns.

Participant Comments:

“I have deepened my sense of confidence as a clinician who works with the body and movement as well as my ever-emerging identity as a dance movement therapist.”

“Awareness of my internal experience at a body level helps me stay connected to clients and guides my clinical decision-making.”