Methods & Approaches Course Evaluation

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Course Objectives:

1. Students are introduced to foundational concepts and approaches in dance/movement therapy – interoceptive sensing, nonverbal communication, mirroring, attunement, interactive group movement, and authentic movement.

2. Students are introduced to the work of four founders in the field of dance/movement therapy – Marion Chace, Trudi Schoop, Blanche Evan, and Mary Whitehouse.

3. Students learn about the roots of dance/movement therapy inspired by multiple cultures in which dance and movement were/are used for healing. The contributions of modern dance and improvisation are considered in the context of the field of dance/movement therapy.

4. Students are introduced to an ongoing group and individual inquiry that explores intersections of cultural identity, interpersonal subjectivity, social justice, and group communication.

5. Students will be able to articulate how dance therapy approaches impact and support sensory processing, emotional awareness and resilience, social engagement and cognitive insight.

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