Dynamic Embodiment in Group Process

images-3I. Group Process and Group Dynamics in Movement                   Embodied experience is the lifeblood in a dynamic group as it navigates closeness, connection, aggression and communication. This advanced course for clinicians and movement educators engages movement to explore group structure, cohesion, conflict, and group leadership in each developmental phase of a group process. Deeply rooted in group psychotherapy theory, the body is engaged in movement in each phase of the learning process. Participants will learn skills and experiential approaches as well as processing techniques.

II. Group Dance/Movement Therapy: A Jungian Perspective                                                                                                This course explores powerful applications of concepts and methods grounded in Jungian theory including active imagination, shadow, projection, and the transcendent function. Students experience group movement-oriented and body based interventions through the powerful lens of Jungian Theory, and learn clinical applications of experiential approaches for a wide range of clinical populations. In the second weekend of this engaging course, participants apply and practice the skills of developing and working with groups in this powerful and effective way.