Elements of Movement


“It is often difficult for me to go deeply into the right side of my brain with my body and then back into the left side with my language, but this class provided a wonderful and satisfying opportunity to bridge the two. I tasted the movement elements in my body and developed a deeper understanding of attention, intention, and decision-making.”

 – Participant comment.

Explore choice and possibility.

This course introduces ways to perceive and notate elements of human movement through movement assessment systems including Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis and the Kestenberg Movement Profile. The course is highly experiential and integrates exploration of the dynamics of movement in nature.

Students begin the class with a project in mind that is based on the application of movement analysis to their field of professional interest- Psychotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Parenting, Education, and Dance.

Cultivating awareness of movement heightens our experience of and relationship to others.

As we explore choice and possibility in Space, Force, and Time, we learn about:

Attention: At a given moment we might directly focus on one goal/ point, or we may include multiple dimensions/perspectives simultaneously.

Intention: Our bodies can engage force through strength, or lightness.

Decision: Sustained, (lingering)…or quick.

Clinical, educational and creative applications of the material include:


* Supporting positive attachment dynamics through nonverbal communication.

* Facilitating optimal learning and attention.

* Utilizing methods of notation for assessment and choreography.

* Engaging nature as a resource for renewal and inspiration.

More participant comments:

“On the last two days when all of our learning had culminated and we were able to share our own movement experiences and our professional applications….it truly felt like I had access to a ton of information that I hadn’t realized that I had, and I am excited to learn and apply more.”

“Listening to everyone else share how these movement elements applied to their personal and professional lives was incredibly meaningful and served as more than just information shared, but a springboard from which I wish to launch myself much further into this.”