Elements of Movement Course Evaluation

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Course Objectives:

1. To introduce clinicians, educators, and movement professionals to basic concepts and principles of systems of movement observation including Laban/Bartenieff Effort/Shape Movement Analysis and the Kestenberg Movement Profile, and the cultural/political context in which these systems were developed and applied.

2. Students will be able to articulate how cultural awareness and sensitivity is relevant to the ethical application of movement observation in practice today.

3. Students will be able to identify and record pre-efforts and efforts, including space weight, and time, in their own movement vocabulary, and in observation of others.

4. Students will become familiar with effort combinations including inner states and complete drives.

5. Students will be able to recognize shape flow elements and shaping in the body.

6. Students will be able to recognize tension flow rhythms, and postural and gestural movements.

7. Students will be able to recognize the affinities between and developmental origins of effort and shape elements.

8. Students will explore their own movement expression in a variety of social/cultural contexts and be able to identify their own movement preferences, and consider their relationship to attention, intention, and decision-making styles.

9. Students will be able to discuss how movement and nonverbal expression is shaped and impacted by power and social privilege.

10. Students will develop culturally sensitive and socially aware applications of movement analysis to assist therapeutic assessment and treatment that empowers participants.

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