Embodied Neurobiology Course Agreements

Embodied Neurobiology classes utilize experiential process as a primary learning method, and engage a range of perceptual states requiring subtle attunement to create a meaningful learning environment. The following agreements are requested from each student to promote an environment of emotional safety for the whole group. Please read these carefully and we will take time to discuss them and any questions you might have.

1. Responsibility to one’s own emotional and psychological process.

Experiential training is evocative, drawing out memories and material from the psyche at a very deep level. All participants must have participated in their own therapy, and have current psychological supports available. Keep the instructor informed if you are having a difficult time, and plan for additional support if the need arises. **

2. Maintaining the integrity of the time and space.

To facilitate the trust needed for experiential process please be on time, and attend all sessions. If you cannot attend a session, be in communication with the instructor, so they can inform the group.

3. Choice.

You always have the options in experiential training to participate to whatever level you are comfortable with. Some exercises involve touch, and others involve personal sharing. You may always choose to journal for yourself or observe the process from the perspective of a witness instead of direct involvement.

4. Feedback to others.

When offering feedback to group members after experiential work, practice speaking from the subjective perspective (“I experienced sadness when I saw your movement” vs “Your movement was sad”). This helps to create a fuller sense of emotional safety for each member.

5. Photographs may be taken by the instructor periodically to document the class process throughout the sessions. Any further use of images will not be authorized unless participant permission is granted in writing.

6. Payment.

  • Initial payment is due upon registration and subsequent installments are scheduled prior to each class.
  • Once course enrollment and registration is complete, students commit to full payment for the class.

** Additional support may include individual or group therapy, or community support networks that you have in place for yourself. Deep feelings are natural, and organic to the process, because change can be temporarily destabilizing. It is not helpful to continue participating in training while emotionally overwhelmed and/or dysregulated. Your instructor can help you with this distinction when needed. In rare cases, this might involve suspending involvement in the course until adequate emotional resources are established.