Embodied Neurobiology is a unique, highly individualized training program designed for clinicians, movement educators, and expressive arts therapists.

Informed by a strong theoretical foundation in developmental and affective neurobiology, it teaches the art of engaging the body to support the mind in healing, learning, and growth.

The courses are applicable to a range of settings- from private practice to community programming.

Embodied Neurobiology is based in Austin, Texas.  It offers 24 out of the 27 course credits currently required for Alternate Route Certification.  One additional course in movement assessment/observation can be taken at Texas State University in San Marcos, or through other alternate route offerings throughout the country. The approximate cost total for all courses offered through Embodied Neurobiology ranges from $10,500 (with early registration) to $12,000 (regular fee).

Classes are held in a beautiful and spacious studio in South Austin.  The full sequence of courses is offered over a 3-4 year span.