Dynamic Equilibrium

Dynamic Equilibrium: Group Process in Dance/Movement Therapy

October 2018

Dynamic Equilibrium: Group Process in Dance/Movement Therapy

10/5/18 – 10/7/18 & 10/26/18 – 10/28/18, 45 hours, 3 credits. Friday, Saturdays & Sundays 9:00am-5:30pm.

Instructed by Nanine Ewing, PhD, FAGPA, CGP, BC- DMT, LMFT & Kalila Homann, LPC-S, BC-DMT.

NOTE: Course includes both weekends.

Embodied experience is the lifeblood in a dynamic group as it navigates closeness, connection, aggression and communication. This advanced course for clinicians and movement educators engages movement to explore group structure, cohesion, conflict, and group leadership in each developmental phase of a group process. Deeply rooted in group psychotherapy theory, the body is engaged in movement in each phase of the learning process. Participants will learn skills and experiential approaches as well as processing techniques. This is the potent introduction to a three year course series on Group Process, and students who have taken this course will be able to progress through the next two advanced group courses.

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Kalila Homann, MA, LPC-S, BC-DMT is a licensed professional counselor, dance/movement and expressive arts therapist and supervisor in private practice in Austin, Texas.  Her work is dedicated to accessing the body through dance/movement therapy to engage the mind in healing, learning and growth. Kalila’s extensive background in dance, somatic education, physiology, and human development inform her integrative approach to education and therapy.  Her thirty years of professional experience include program development in expressive arts therapy for inpatient and outpatient psychiatric treatment facilities, community resource and public school programs.

Kalila designs creative therapeutic and educational programs locally and nationally for educators and therapists.  She teaches and supervises at the graduate and postgraduate level in dance therapy, expressive arts therapy, and counseling. Kalila has taught Neuroscience for the Creative Arts Therapy Department at Drexel University for five years, and has served as adjunct faculty for graduate programs at Antioch and Goddard Colleges. She teaches at national conferences, graduate and postgraduate training programs, and she is the program director of the Embodied Neurobiology Training Program.

Nanine Ewing, Ph. D, F.A.G.P.A., C.G.P., BC-DMT, CGP, L.M.F.T. is a licensed psychologist and certified group therapist as well as certified dance-movement therapist. Dr. Ewing’s theoretical orientation is Jungian and Object- Relations. She runs three groups a week that are open-ended groups for mixed gender and one women’s group. Her specialty is group therapy and she does in-depth individual therapy. She is available as a consultant for practice building, developing, or maintaining groups or individual consultation. She was the keynote speaker at the American Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama 2008 Conference. Nanine teaches the Group Process course for Embodied Neurobiology.